What took Han Wezenaar so long to produce this website........?

Han started his musical career on clarinet when he was 15 years old. In his hometown of Utrecht, The Netherlands, he played old style Dixieland jazz during his schooldays, mainly in a band called The Pall Mall Jazzband. In 1979 he appeared for the first time on vinyl (old-style record). The title was "Was It A Dream?". Han was trying out his first baritonesax. Soon he turned definitively towards the bari with his first own jazzgroup, called Good Bait, based in the Dutch radio city Hilversum.

The next thing he knew was the co-leadership of the very well known Baritone Power Plant, based in Amsterdam. In this international group he played the baritone together with the late Henk Van Es - both as the only lead instruments (what is nicer to hear than one bari? Two bari's!). The rhythm section was featuring the American drummers Clarence Becton (who played before with baritonists Cecil Payne and Pepper Adams, among many others) and Don Mumford. The piano was most of the time played by the Curtis Clark, also from the States. In those days the Bariton Power Plant played nearly every jazzclub and festival in the "Lowlands" of Europe, and the Dutch radio aswell (TROS-Sesjun)..

After this success DJAZZPERADO! was founded (see Intro). It works solo (to play with sounds from the surroundings), as a duo, trio, quartet or quintet in every jazzstyle, from New Orleans through free jazz and back to Latin neo-hardbop. Also many clubs and festivals were played during all those years and some radiostations too. Even the Dutch television (Van Gewest Tot Gewest). In this period Han developed a friendship with the great, late, Pepper Adams at New York, who gave him a part of his book of originals during the last year of his too short life.

In the writing press Han's play is very much valued as being fat and juicy and above all hard swinging, no matter what jazzstyle he plays in, and "Every note a happening!".

After Han Wezenaar found some rare recordings with Tony Scott on baritonesax he contacted Tony and found out that Scott was mainly a very outstanding clarinet player. So Han started definitively to play the clarinet again, as a side instrument to his baritone, more or less at the same moment as he chooses Portugal as his second homeland. Directly from that new start he was featured on clarinet in the Lisbon based group Vibra Latina. Only then the idea of our side-line band AFTER HOURS was emerging. But of course, Han could not resist to extend the DJAZZPERADO! pool with a lot of Portuguese musicians in order to play his bari in clubs and at parties all over the country! Even the oldest, still existing Jazzclub of Europe, the Hot Clube de Portugal was conquered!

Han moved the seat of the pool in Holland to the region of Dutch-Flanders, near the Belgian border. Immediately the recording with some new, Belgian poolmembers of Han's "Blues For Babylon" followed (the 2nd Iraq-war had just begun...) and his solo concert on top of the village belltower was taped on video by the Dutch filmer Jan van Baarle.

During his musical career Han Wezenaar was invited frequently as a guest solist with, amongst other groups, the French Huppe-Verglas Band (touring France and Italy) and The Dutch Dixie Rebels (touring West Africa). Also the Portugal based latin jazzgroup Vibra Latina (later Crossroads) used Han as a soloist. These adventures, together with his early years, make him an all-round jazzmusician.

In short, busy, busy, busy !