Playing the Portuguese fado-guitar is a tradition that goes from father upon son, only in the traditional way. Being an outsider in this tradition, Portuguese jazz-guitarplayer "Buenos" Aires recently started to work on the very hard to play 12-string fado-"guitarra".

The first attempt to combine the jazz-tradition and the fado-tradition was the "political correct" project of Charlie Haden and Carlos Paredes, some 30 years ago. Like the projects of Ro Kyao and Z Eduardo, respectively 20 and 10 years ago, this did not result in lasting swing into fado.

But now, under the care of the international pool of jazzmusicians, DJAZZPERADO!, a new attempt was made in 2004 - and this time it looks very promising!

The Coimbra "guitarra" playing of "Buenos" Aires and the unique baritonesax sound of bandleader Han Wezenaar from Holland are laying a solid basis for a new music style, not yet heard of. The demo cd, "! TRY OUT !", is their first recording, together with the Portuguese jazz-tycoon Z Eduardo on bass and with Sonia "Little B" Cabrita on drums.

The combination of two of the most difficult to play instruments , both invented in the middle of the 19th century, was never heard before! With new compositions of their own the bandmembers are working on a special sound and impact for this group, somewhere in between Contemporary Jazz and Worldmusic!