DJAZZPERADO! was founded in 1983 by Dutch/Portuguese baritonesaxophonist and clarinet player Han Wezenaar and Amsterdam singer Astrid Seriese .

It has developed into an international pool of experienced jazzmusicians of all kinds, styles and instruments. They have one thing in common, they all share an appetite in playing jazz with the baritonesaxophone as a lead melody voice. And that is certainly not common! Besides that, all poolmembers go for the "latin tingue". Poolmaster is still Han Wezenaar.

We think the baritonesax is the most saxiest of all saxes. The saxophone for sure is one of the most open and free , versatile and democratic, musical instruments in the world. The bari, being the first saxophone of the whole saxophone-family Adolphe Sax invented (around 1841), is on top. Excellent for playing jazz!

To play jazz is also an open and democratic process. For the poolmembers of DJAZZPERADO! is playing jazz taking an active part in an open ended musical group-conversation, read group-improvisation, about a chosen song or composition. The (part-time) soloists are just the ones who change the conversation a bit in their direction, like the loudest talkers in a normal, that is oral, conversation. Punchline is to get swing into the music, to cause toe tapping or other bodily movement. Then, if daring improvisation get you the feeling of openess, or freedom, by the idea that there is still even more possible than the improvisation one is just listening to, our mission is accomplished! No matter in what style of jazz (we practice them all, even not existing ones...) this process is undertaken.

Besides this, the main goal of DJAZZPERADO! is to keep baritonsax jazz alive. We are desperate that in our world of commercial popmusic and a "over-tenorized" jazzscene baritone saxophonists are, very unnecessarily, becoming a rare and endangered species.

Because most of the poolmembers play in other, more regular, bands and often play several instruments we have opened a side-line, called DJAZZPERADO AFTER HOURS. This combination plays light entertainment jazz with the accent on the clarinet instead of the bari.

Of course all members of the DJAZZPERADO! pool are available for gigs outside the pool. As an example, Han Wezenaar is playing one a regular basis in Tony Scriven's New Orleans Jazzband when one of their members can't show up, and also in the mainstream jazztrio UNDECIDED, see Section A3.