Already some ten years ago Marga Munguambe got the status of an african kind of diva in the Lisbon popscene. She was the feminin voice of the band Cool Hipnoise and recorded the albums "Música exótica para filmes radio e TV" and "Cool Hipnoise". She also recorded "xx anos, xx bandas", from the band Xutos e Pontapés she recorded aslo with the rapper Sam the kid and with Janita Salomé, among others. After her opening a small restaurant, called "Nr.9", in Burgau (Algarve) Marga became a bit laid back musically.

Until our experienced guitarist Miguel Jorge "re-discovered" her voice while he heard her sing leisurely but swinging, and with a good laugh, in her restaurant. He decided Marga's voice was very suitable to sing jazz, and that's how UNDECIDED started - first under the name of "The Burgau Bastards", later also "Kiss My Jazz".

This was 2014 - and we couldn't decide under which name the band would go. It was Miguel who at the end of the day proposed UNDECIDED, under the slogan "If you can't decide, choose UNDECIDED !"

"Undecided" is the title of a nicely danceable jazztune that has been a favorite among musicians and audiences because it seems to swing all by itself. Made famous by Ella Fitzgerald in 1939. Those were the days when Ella still had that little girl approach to her jazz - not unlike our Marga!

Miguel and Marga felt they needed a striking reedinstrument for a more all-round trio sound. They asked Han Wezenaar in the band, an old hand in international jazzland, playing the baritonesax and the clarinet. Together with their mysterious bassplayer who doesn't want to be known, nor paid (!), UNDECIDED performed already with great success at various venues, like the Espiche Golf clubhouse, the Turiscampo Camping restaurant (every week the whole summer of 2014 !), restaurant "Taberna d'Maria", restaurant "Nr.9", and several private dues.

So, UNDECIDED is firmly based in the western Algarve (Portugal) but we'll play wherever you want us to! UNDECIDED's sophisticatedly swinging chamber-jazzmusic started with jazz-standards, including many well-known ballads and various brazilian jazztunes. In the meantime the repertoire is growing and growing, also with less well-known songs brought to a new life. If asked in time we can even do requests! We are happy to talk about a small fee for UNDECIDED if you want us to make your venue to a success.

Just contact Miguel: cellphone (+351)966319763 ,or via
cellphone (+351)965113366